25 Jul

Why Do Race And Gender Intersect So Often?

Living in the modern world can be extremely enriching due to advances in technology and availability of new opportunities. Developments in computer hardware and software continually make our lives easier than ever before, and humanity continues to evolve as a species as a result. Unfortunately, the issue of equality is still on the minds of millions of people. Race and gender are two categories that have been surrounded in controversy since the birth of the modern world. Women in many parts of the world are forced to fight for equal pay and treatment, and it seems as though this Continue Reading »

03 Jun

4 Reasons Shaming Women’s Bodies Is Wrong

Women often pass judgment on one another without thinking through the consequences of such behavior. Men regularly look at women with an appraising eye, ready to knock them down for any flaw that is not attractive. While this behavior seems to be engrained in modern culture, there are four reasons everyone should catch themselves in the act and turn these criticisms around:

1. Criticisms about a woman’s body can affect the value she assigns to herself as a human being. A female body shamed leads to a female mind full of questions and self-doubt.

2. When you Continue Reading »

30 Mar

10 Best Colleges For Progressive Women

Many colleges today like to brag about their progressive trends and alliances, but the following list contains the top ten, traditionally progressive colleges. Traditionally progressive? It’s not a contradiction, these ten schools have made liberal politics and women’s issues a priority for decades.

Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.
- Wesleyan is often voted the most liberal school in the United States, and they have flaunted this status with a continual dedication to progressive issues. Continue Reading »

13 Jul

The Progressiveness of Stay at Home Moms

You’re a stay at home mom. You don’t think of yourself as a progressive woman but hey, YOU’RE CONTRIBUTING, TOO! From folding the laundry to spending hours looking into texaselectricityproviders, here are a few of the ways you’re utterly progressive and necessary to today’s society.
You’re Shaping Your Children: Moreso than any daycare provider or babysitter, you’re shaping your children. Particularly if you’re the mother of girls you’re showing your offspring how to interact with others and how to behave in the world. Take that responsibility seriously.
You’re Running the Family: Without a doubt, the mother is often the head of many households. She may not bring in the money but she makes a majority of the decisions about how to spend it and also about how the family spends their time, how the eat and even how they interact with the outside world. That’s power.
You’re Making a Choice: The thing many people fail to see about being a stay at home mom is that it’s a choice. It’s progressive simply to be choosing NOT to be a part of the “work force” and to take your family in a different direction. Having the right to stay home is half the battle.

13 Mar

The Changing Role Of Women In America

The role of women in America is changing at a breakneck pace. The movement started by the Suffragettes has reached a peak and true equality seems close at hand. The discrepancy between the pay of a man and the pay of a woman for the same job is rapidly shrinking, especially in larger cities and more progressive areas on the nation.

Today, more women than men are accepted into college. The inequality seen for centuries seems to have stoked the fire in many women who Continue Reading »

27 Feb

The Importance Of Teaching Self-Esteem

The importance of having self-esteem is one of those life lessons that tends to come with age, wisdom and time. Because not everyone understands the utmost importance of this critical life skill, it is imperative and important that if you are in the role of a mentor or are someone others look up to; you can help to teach self-esteem so that others can get a jump start on becoming a more complete person.

The importance of teaching self-esteem is relevant for all ages, and actually Continue Reading »

25 Feb

Why Are We Shaming Women For Being Victims?

While most people believe that women have a better life in today’s modern world, the truth is that things really are not all that different from the past. In the past, women were often mistreated, but it was expected. In today’s world, women are still mistreated, but now the women are being shamed for letting themselves be a victim.

What has changed is that the woman of today is a strong creature. Women now work beside men in jobs that no one ever thought possible. They are welders, auto Continue Reading »

22 Feb

Top 10 Powerful Female Politicians

There are so many powerful female politicians in the world that it would be impossible to rank them all in order. Some of the most powerful political women throughout the history of civilization have made, or are making, significant strides in the world for equality.

Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female prime minister, has been known for her unwillingness to back down when it comes to labour rights and women’s issues. Sonia Gandhi was elected president of the Indian National Congress Continue Reading »

19 Feb

Teaching Children The Art Of Body Acceptance

Teaching children the art of body acceptance is the most beneficial thing that we can do for our children. The media has blown body proportions out of the water in today’s society and children feel the need to live up to those standards. Teaching your child to feel comfortable with their body can improve their self-esteem and make them feel worthy.

It is important for parents to talk to their children about self image and worth. The media shows children skinny models and our children do not realize that most of these pictures have Continue Reading »